Westport Surf Shop 2009 and 2010 1st Place winners of Evening Magazines Best Of Western Washington

Westport Surfshop

Al Perlee wandered into the coastal area surrounding Westport Washington nearly thirty years ago. With a worn out 3 ml wetsuit, he enjoyed the empty waves of Westport with a handful of hearty surfing souls. He fell in love with the area and decided to call it home.

Building a 12x20 tarpaper shack, Big Al officially moved in and embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. Al raised two children and introduced them to his love of the ocean. They have grown into young adults and continue to live a rich surfing heritage that was introduced to Al by his father, also a waterman.

The adventure continues to grow at the Surf Shop in Westport. Taking root over twenty years ago, the shop is still located in one of the older buildings in Westport and is earmarked by a gigantic mural that showcases a tremendous jetty peak wave. Over the last two decades the shop has provided a great service to those who are drawn to the ocean.

Families and individuals alike have traveled to Westport and have used the shop. Our friendly staff is stoked to have had the opportunity to be here to help. We have a great selection of wetsuits and a comprehensive rack of world class surf boards in all lengths. Please drop by to say “Hi.” Allow us to help you with your needs. The shop also carries skim boards, body boards, skate gear, rack, sunglasses, sun block, sandals, clothing and variety of other beach related gear. Rentals are available. Big Al and the rest of the surf shop crew encourage you to drop in and “Tap the Source.”

Call us (360) 268-0992

Westport Surfshop
207 N Montesano St Westport WA 98595